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Ongoing research projects

Experiences of Irish Women Seeking Abortion Care in the United Kingdom

seeks to examine reproductive health travel to the United Kingdom (UK), focusing on women who travel from the Republic of Ireland to the UK for an abortion. Irish women’s experiences and perspectives are poorly understood. Stories from women who shared their experiences publicly tend to highlight the tragic nature of their circumstances, in particular in cases of severe fetal abnormalities. However, it is also clear that the circumstances of women who seek this care vary and many have ordinary circumstances for seeking abortion. This project aims to better understand the experiences of the latter group by using a systematic qualitative research approach.

Two research questions guide this study: (1) What are the challenges faced by Irish women travelling to the UK for abortion care (including in terms of resources, the need to conceal travel, and consequences for work, family, and social life) and how do women navigate these challenges?, and, (2) What is the nature of any delays in receiving abortion care that these women experience? This research is being conducted by Joanna Mishtal, PhD, Associate Professor of anthropology based at the University of Central Florida, and current Visiting Fellow at Kent University, Kent Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality - Kent Law School.

Dilation and evacuation between 15 and 24 weeks gestation: An analysis of procedures and outcomes over 2 years

This audit will describe outcomes with D&E at 15-24 weeks gestation performed by BPAS from 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2013. Based on annual procedure statistics, a review over 2 years will total approximately 9,500 cases.

The specific aim is to describe outcomes and to identify factors associated with major, minor, immediate and delayed complications of D&E. A secondary outcome is to identify socio-demographic, reproductive health and procedure-related characteristics associated with complications.
Patricia A. Lohr, Chelsea Morroni, Richard Lyus, Jeanette Taylor


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