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Collaborative partnerships

Human Developmental Biology Resource 

We are longstanding collaborative partners with the Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR), which is a Wellcome/MRC funded resource based at the Institute of Genetic Medicine, University of Newcastle and at the Institute of Child Health, University College London.

The HDBR consists of an ongoing collection of human fetal material ranging from 4 to 23 weeks of pregnancy. Tissue samples are available to the international scientific community for research into early human development, the causes of birth defects and new treatments for childhood disease.

All research findings from HDBR-linked projects are made available through open-access publications on the internet. In addition, the HuDSeN Atlas of the Developing Human provides electronic images and interpretation of gene expression patterns in human embryos. Any gene expression data that emerges from use of the HDBR material is added to this database.

A very successful collaboration between HDBR and BPAS was launched in 2009. Women attending for termination of pregnancy are given the opportunity to donate their fetal tissue to be used for research purposes.

Research Collaborations
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Collaborate with us

If you are a student or a researcher with a project you would like to undertake and looking for a host organisation, do get in touch.

We have previously accepted students and fellows from Imperial College London, Kent University, Sussex University, Princeton University, Harvard Law School and Yale Law School.

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Research Projects

Read more about our ongoing, completed and collaborative research.

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Awards, grants and prizes

The Heather Trickey Essay Prize

This prize encourages work reflecting the contribution and commitment of Dr Heather Trickey to finding common ground in the field of women’s reproductive health and women’s rights.

By bringing together those of differing perspectives, we’ll develop innovative, practical policy solutions to difficult problems.

Peter Huntingford Memorial Prize

BPAS has endowed the Peter Huntingford Memorial Prize to mark the late Professor Peter Huntingford’s contribution to obstetrics and gynaecology. 

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CRRC Resource Centre

Learn about our research by reading publications and research briefings.

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Find out about upcoming and past events at the CRRC.

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